internship student working at a computer


实习 are a pillar of a Salisbury University education. 的 就业服务办公室 calls internships “the single most important thing you can do to gain career-related experience.” Hands-on learning experiences are mandatory for some majors and strongly recommended for all.

  • 珀杜商学院 students are required to have an Applied Business Learning Experience that includes a faculty-guided class and work-site internship.
  • 富尔顿文科学院, practicums are a must for communication arts, while other majors have worked with elected officials and in global conflict resolution. 
  • 卫生与公共服务学院 students train at regional hospitals and through other field placements. 
  • Henson School of Science and Technology students have interned with the National Institutes of Health and joined surgeons for global medical missions. 
  • 赛德尔教育学院 provides classroom experience through its national award-winning Professional Development School network.
This is just a sampling of the many internship opportunities available to SU students.
Salisbury City interns pose for picture


Salisbury City interns pose for picture

实习 in various fields are available through the City of Salisbury.